How 20 million Nigerians can be employed in 4 years – Bamgbose

Olusegun Bamgbose, Esq., National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, has reacted to the recent data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, which reveals that Nigeria’s unemployment rate as at the second quarter of 2020 is 27.1%.

The ratio indicates that about 21.7 million Nigerians remain unemployed.

Bamgbose, while describing the figure as staggering and frightening, added that the truth of the matter is that, 20 million Nigerians can be empowered within 4 years of good governance.

He warned that except something is done urgently, the crime and poverty rate will continue to be on the increase, saying that as President of the country, he will voluntarily step down, if he cannot end poverty in Nigeria during his first tenure

“It’s time for the Government, to explore all pragmatic and proactive means, to decisively tackle this ugly trend,” he said in a statement to DAILY POST on Monday

“They must seek for extraordinary ways, to meaningfully curb the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

“There is nothing impossible to the determined and the diligent. The truth of the matter is that, 20 million Nigerians can be empowered in 4 years, this is achievable if the Government of the day will take certain exceptional measures.

“There must be in place Absorption Index Rate, AIR. This is very important. We need to know how we are making progress in the fight against unemployment.

“On daily basis, how many are being absorbed? In this era of technology, this is very possible.

“N-POWER is no doubt a good initiative, but that may not be enough a program to cater for more than 20million unemployed Nigerian youths.

“The Government should come up with Strategic Collaboration, Partnership Employment Scheme, SCOPES. No Government in the world has ever successfully tackled unemployment, without the collaboration of the private sector.

“We must set goals that are realistic and achievable. Take for instance, agricultural sector, the Government can have a plan that every year, one million people will be engaged.

“This can be done to other sectors. With proper management and monitoring this can be done. I believe it’s high time Government, created Poverty Eradication Ministry and equally Poverty Eradication Fund.

“With concrete plans on board, poverty and unemployment can be crippled. Men and women with great ideas should be injected into the system.

“Political considerations will seriously undermine the fight against unemployment in Nigeria. The Government can equally come up with National Mass Employment Scheme, NAMES and also National Poverty Alleviation Special Scheme, N-PASS.

“Introducing program is never the ultimate, but getting people of passion and integrity to implement these programs. Politics in Nigeria has actually done great damage to our making progress.

“As President of the country, I’ll voluntarily step down, if I can’t end poverty in Nigeria during my first tenure. It’s as serious as that, I’ve nothing doing in the State House if I can’t put an end to poverty in 4 years.

“Our problem in this country, is never lack of resources, but lack of righteousness. Considering the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, it’s time to ACT. Alleviate the sufferings of the unemployed. Create job opportunities for the jobless. Teach the applicants how to fish.”

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