Chelsea Vs Sevilla: Interesting features, match statistics from goalless draw

The Blues were pegged back again by Sevilla as they endured another 90 minutes without a win.

They drew 3-3 against Southampton after taking a 2-0 lead thanks to a brace from new signing Timo Werner.

However, they weren’t able to win at Stamford Bridge as Sevilla paid them a visit on Match Day 1 of the UEFA Champions League.

Following the dismal 0-0 draw by Chelsea’s standards, Daily Post evaluates the interesting features and match statistics as the Blues drew goalless at home (0-0).

Full statistics

Shots on Target

4 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 3

The Blues managed to prove their attacking quality against Sevilla.

But were unable to break the duck in the entire 90 minutes.

In the end, it finished 0-0 between both Europa League winners (Chelsea and Sevilla) on the night.

The likes of Kai Havertz, Mason Mount and Timo Werner were unable to bell the cat for their Chelsea side in the contest.

2 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 2

A total of 2+2=4 shots off target were recorded in the course of this duel.

Both sides finished the game with 2 shots off target as they predominant showed positive signs in the attacking third.

It was a frenetic contest full of anticipation as we witnessed on the pitch.

But neither side could find the breakthrough as they settled for a scoreless draw.


44 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 56

The Blues were dominated by Spanish side Sevilla as the match statistics prove clear on the night.

Frank Lampard’s side managed 44% of the ball possession as compared to Sevilla 56% of the ball possession.

That may have influenced their chances of getting the better of Sevilla from the good point of view as Spanish side are known for

their dominant style of play which is very much in similitude to that of Catalan side FC Barcelona.


2 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 5

A total of about 2+5-7 corners was realized in this fixture as the battle ensued between both sides.

But it was Sevilla that had more corner-kicks in the match having put Chelsea under pressure on a couple of occasions.

Sevilla had 5 corner-kicks as compared to 6 corner-kicks by Chelsea.


1 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 1

Both teams managed themselves to the good on a tactical basis and therefore kept their shape for much of the contest.

It may have resulted in the barren draw though an occasional twist pulled both sides out of position.

This led to them recording one offside apiece in the game.



(Sevilla) 9

The match produced high physical challenges as was expected in the contest.

Chelsea had more fouls in the encounter as they aim to get the ball off the Sevilla side in the game.

This ensured that Frank Lampard’s men finished the match with 12 fouls as compared to the 9 fouls Sevilla committed in the game.

Yellow Card

3 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 2

The Blues rash approach in player contacts got them into the referee’s problem more in this contest than the visiting Sevilla side.

Conceding 12 fouls in the game ensured that Chelsea was booked on three occasions.

Sevilla committed 9 fouls and was gifted with 2 yellow cards in the entire 90 minutes.

Goalkeeping Saves

3 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 4

There were about 3+54-7 goalkeeping saves at both ends of the pitch in the encounter.

This served both sides right as they made their opponents work in the goal post.

In the end, Chelsea would have 3 goalkeeping saves as compared to the Sevilla 4 goalkeeping saves in the entire 90 minutes encounter.


7 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 5

Both sides threatened each other end with amazing strikes in the course of the match.

But there were times when the ball sailed across the goal for a goal-kick. Chelsea and Sevilla did a good job though not finding the goal they needed to prove a massive point in the contest.

But it was the Blues that had more goal-kicks in the game with 7 as compared to Sevilla’s 5 goal-kicks in the tie.


0 (Chelsea)

(Sevilla) 3

The Blues and Sevilla generated only 3 treatments in the game.

That showed how they competed on the pitch as Chelsea had no treatment to deal with compared to Sevilla’s 3 treatments in the UEFA Champions League clash.

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