End SARS: Political scientist blames poverty for widespread violence

A political analyst in Zamfara State, Alhaji Ahmed Bungudu has lamented that the ongoing Special Anti Robbery Squad has been glorifying corruption in the system, saying that corruption has been deeply rooted in the system.

Bungudu explained that the country has become so tough that a common man finds it difficult to secure a meal in a day when Nigeria boasts of being the giant of Africa.

The analyst made these remarks during an exclusive interview with our correspondent, saying the End SARS protest is no longer about the police but about governance.

“It is not proper for us to hide the truth because we want to appease the government but we need to emphasize on the present realities” he lamented.

He noted that most of these protesters are helpless because they have been without any means of livelihood for many years even after many of them had completed their university education.

“Any country where the youths are not in gainful employment and are not being encouraged on self-reliance is in a serious mess”

“No responsible government can treat the issue of poverty with a mere wave of hand. Therefore the Buhari’s administration should not fail to ask himself what is the main reason behind all these inequalities that manifest among us in Nigeria ”

“In Nigeria today, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer even in the midst of plenty. Then why should anybody believe that there would be peace in this decaying system”

“Actually, the government both at the federal and state levels have a lot to do in order to find a lasting solution and not constant nationwide broadcast every now and then”

According to him, it is no longer a secret that corruption has been legalized and glorified in Nigeria, stressing that nobody cares how anyone gets his or her wealth, a situation he said is not good for a developing nation like Nigeria.

He said that the urge to get rich quickly has awakened some dead dastard and criminal organizations in the country, pointing out that it will prove difficult for the federal government to correct these abnormalities in the system.

“It is wonderful to note that the former head of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu was accused of corruption to the tune of billions of naira which the authorities gave him powers to recovers from looters”

“Even now, the federal government seems to have dumped his case into another waste paper basket. I am wondering how the federal government intends to correct all these atrocities”

According to him, there can be no peace in any part of the world without justice, saying that Nigerians have not seen any form of justice in President Buhari’s led administration.

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