CAF Update On Celtic And There Confederation Cup Future

As the game of football continues to stun fans around the world in the English Premier League and European leagues, there are several other leagues such as the CAF Cup competitions that are producing some of the very best of young talent. But with its fair share of drama and ongoing disruption to COVID-19, it can be difficult to keep up.

In this article, we will be providing you with insight into the recent cancellation of the Confederation cup match between Rivers and Bloemfontein Celtic’s.

The History OF The CAF Confederations Cup

Despite it being one of the least heard about leagues in the world, the CAF Confederations Cup tournament is one that has seen a huge number of games played since its founding in 2004. In order to qualify for this competition, the clubs will be based on their performance in the national league as well as the other club competitions that take place throughout the year. The winner of this tournament is then automatically placed into the CAF champions league and is in the super cup the following season.

As a result, this championship is one of the very few that show off the very best of the best in African football making it one of the competitions that every team wants to be a part of.  The competition is played in two phases and is open for each of the 55 CAF members associations to participate in. Phase A is played in a knockout system with phase B being played in groups knockout stages similar to that of other cup finals, making it highly popular with the fans.

The Performance Of The Bloemfontein Celtic’s Team

Within the league, the Bloemfontein Celtic’s have had a positive performance. With a win in the overall cup in 1985 as well as a runner up in 2020 as well as trophies achieved in the league cup, 8 cups and many other cup trophies this is a team that is used to winning trophies. With amazing players such as Ndwandwe, Smith and Mereko signing to the club in 2021 in the transfer window, it is looking like a promising start to the 2021 season despite the ongoing pandemic. With a runner up spot in the 2020 tournament, the team are set to begin the 2021 season as one of the favourites to win the league as a whole.

The Cancellation Of Bloemfontein Celtic’s Vs Rivers United

As the coronavirus has continued to have a huge impact on the state of the world as we know it, the sport was hit hard with several major sporting events cancelled and several restrictions implemented to keep everyone safe. This in itself has presented several problems for the likes of the Celtics as they were unable to receive an exemption to the 7-day isolation period to get into Nigeria from South Africa. Under the rules of the restrictions, the team would have had to quarantine for 7 days when coming from a high-risk area such as South Africa and were unable to gain an exemption in order to play their match-up.

As a result of this, the match-up between then and the Rivers was unable to take place meaning that the game was in fact cancelled. This was a huge blow to the team and saw them moving on in the competition without the game that several fans had anticipated. Despite this, however, the team remained with the betting odds at 22/1 with several other sites providing odds on African football placing them as the favourites to win the game that has since been cancelled due to the quarantine rules and other elements that prevent the match from being played. This has been a huge confidence boost for the team as they continue to look to take home the title in this upcoming season. Whether it be some of the new players that help them to get there or it is the older members of the squad that have the chemistry to achieve it, it is certainly an exciting time for the team.

Ahead of the beginning of the league in February of 2021, several fans are wondering if there is enough time for the new signings to pull together with a squad that has proven they can work together to win trophies. How do you think they will perform in this competition?

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