Toprite vows to bring the best out of buildings in Nigeria through its quality roofing, ceiling sheets

Building/Buying a house with durable roofing and ceiling is right among the top of people’s ambitions.

Just having shelter over your head is one thing, owning that shelter gives a different feeling.

The benefits of owning a house are endless when you think of it critically. What poses a threat too though, is the quality of the house you are ready to own.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is one with a lot of roofing and ceiling mishaps.

It is important to note that housing problems do not only occur among the poor or among underdeveloped communities. The rich and even developed areas are fazed with this problem.

Factors like financial constraints, poor construction idea/planning or even greedy contractors can contribute to the purchase of poor quality building materials. What follows suit is a building or roofing collapse.

Research has proved that sub-standard building materials rank number three in factors that cause roofing collapse in Nigeria which brings both human and economic loss.

The reality is that building with sub-standard materials is never the answer to housing quality. Your housing project starts with standard materials. Better yet, your housing project starts with Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets.

Toprite, a subsidiary of Purechem Industries Limited (PIL), seeks to bring the best out of every building in Nigeria through its high-quality roofing and ceiling sheets are very affordable.

According to Toprite, affordability can also give quality.

Toprite cares about your housing dream offers products that are 100% Asbestos free using the latest Hatschek process equipment with a mix of cement, non-asbestos fibre and additives to create highly durable, fire resistant and economical products to aid the infrastructure industry.

Reacting to the stance of Toprite Fibre Cement Roofing and Ceiling Sheets in the Nigerian market, so engineers, architects, construction managers, carpenters etc have confirmed that Toprite’s products are a huge value for your money.

Toprite’s products have been tested and confirmed safe for building options. It takes away the dangers of building collapse and huge human and economical loss. It brings out artistic beauty, it is affordable and durable.

Using Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets prevents leakages that affects other works and finishing of the building, it creates durability while shielding othe parts of the house and it doesn’t create rust, leakages or damages to properties.

Here is why the roofing and ceiling sheets company is calling on Nigerians to end their cry about leaking and not-string Roofings and ceilings by choosing the right choice of materials through Toprite.

In the end, getting value for your money starts by making the right choice with Toprite.

Interested in Toprite roofing and ceiling sheets, Call 08125362926/08129998998 or send a mail to [email protected] to get your quality materials now.